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как быть полным энергии

How always be resourceful and full of energy? This is one of the popular queries.

We often think like this:

  • this week I will work all the way, and then on vacation and rest there
  • I will do it now, but I will sleep on the weekend
  • for a couple of months, and then it will get easier, because …

It doesn’t work that way. To be in the resource, you need to rest 1-2 hours a day, every (!) Day.

Every day without a 1-2-hour rest is fatigue, which will then need to be removed for a very long time. A week off won’t help. After it, resistance to work will be even stronger. If you live in this mode for a month or more, depression and burnout sets in. These are conditions from which it is long and difficult to get out, often even with the help of drugs.

Therefore, if you do not have the strength and inspiration to do something, you need to rest first.

To have a rest is without watching TV series and even reading, it is to be with yourself in silence, in nature, to meet nice people. Then, when the brain does not process infinitely information, it takes a break from analyzing events and situations.

In general, what will help you – individually. To do this, ask yourself: What exactly do I need now to recover and this will not happen again? Here it is important to allow yourself the most daring assumptions, without “but …” and restrictions. What works and helps others may not work for you at all.

Burnout is a common problem that clients come to me with. Many people do not know how to really rest, although it seems like a simple exercise. The main thing is to listen to yourself and remember that we cannot exist without rest. Rest is an important component of a quality life, says Yulia Vasilenko, Health Coach.