Программы тренировок и питания
Составление программы тренировок и питания
How to create a training and nutrition program online
We are interested in making your training as effective as possible. Therefore, we have developed a special questionnaire that will allow you to objectively assess your current physical fitness and provide a quality service. As a result, we create an online training program. Therefore, first of all, take seriously the questionnaire that we propose to fill out when ORDERING the PROGRAM of training and nutrition. Answer questions honestly and as extensively as possible.
After receiving a questionnaire from you, the trainer, in order to draw up a training and nutrition program online, studies the answers and:
  • determines your level of physical fitness,
  • takes into account the daily routine,
  • habits
  • health restrictions and much more.
Exercises are selected taking into account all indicators.
No overload, only that which will benefit health and figure.
Exercises are arranged in sets, recommendations for choosing a load are given. Drawing up a training program includes the selection of photos for each exercise. Therefore, you are clearly shown how to do this or that exercise correctly.
If you have any questions, you can ask them to the coach, who will advise and help.
What the trainer says about the preparation of training and nutrition programs

Sergey Cherepinets, personal trainer for fitness and bodybuilding: “A training program cannot be universal. All people are different, everyone has their own training experience, lifestyle, hobbies and habits, different health conditions. All this must be taken into account when choosing a set of exercises so that a person is comfortable doing it. Only in this way all the efforts made will surely lead to an excellent result. For a trainer, there is nothing more expensive than seeing the progress of clients, improving their physical and psychological condition. Therefore, everyone has an individual approach. ”

The preparation of a training program takes place under the supervision of a doctor if the client has health limitations. The doctor will give advice on which exercises should be included or excluded from the training program. We also always recommend getting a positive answer from your doctor, as he is familiar with all the nuances of the course of the disease. If he indicates that some exercises are not worth doing yet, then the trainer will find alternative ones.
It takes about 3-4 days to draw up a training program online, it all depends on the workload of the trainer. But at the same time, you are guaranteed to receive an effective set of exercises.
Don’t waste your time! Order to create your workout and nutrition program online today