Health Coach или Тренер ЗОЖ

Health Coach or Healthy Lifestyle Trainer, who is this?

This is a specialist who helps you change your lifestyle. In addition, a Health Coach or Healthy Lifestyle Trainer will help to establish healthy habits and find time for fitness, even for those who have no time at all. The coaching process is similar to a therapy conversation where the client talks about goals and the coach helps guide and decide how to achieve them.

The client is asked to complete small, simple tasks each week that lead to big changes. At the end of the week, the coach and the client discuss how the week went, what difficulties the client faced and what successes were. As a result, based on this, goals for the next week are formed.

Most often, a Health Coach or Healthy Lifestyle Trainer helps with a wide range of issues related to:

  • with health
  • weight loss,
  • reducing stress levels,
  • improved nutrition,
  • inclusion of physical activity in life,
  • to give up smoking,
  • adjusting to a life-changing event that affects health, such as a heart attack, etc.

“A healthy lifestyle is not just about being beautiful and healthy. It is also about success in all areas. Look at the lives of people who have achieved a lot, physical activity, proper comfortable nutrition, mindfulness are part of their daily life. This is due to the fact that healthy lifestyle changes habits, psychology and outlook on many things", - says Yuliia Vasylenko, Health Coach.

Which of these is familiar to you:
  • Exercise, eat healthy food and then return to the old way of life;
  • You cannot get competent advice on what exactly you need in order to be in great shape and without restrictions for yourself.
  • Can't achieve a healthy weight.
  • You work a lot or take care of your family, your child (s) and have no time for yourself at all. All this leads to emotional exhaustion and loss of strength.
  • It is impossible to cope with stress and food is used as the main way to “extinguish” negative emotion.
  • You cannot find comfortable food and workouts for yourself that you will like.
  • Food is more an enemy that tempts than an ally that brings pleasure.
  • You overeat and feel guilty.
  • You have a recommendation from your doctor about lifestyle changes.
Where do eating and exercise problems come from?

With all the diet and advice available, there is a lack of knowledge that actually works. Which are understandable and acceptable for each individual person. As a result, many people think that the problem is in them, and not in tips and ready-made programs.

Lack of practice. There is not enough time, energy, inspiration to gradually change the relationship with food, training and with yourself.

Lack of professional support. Many people ask the question: Will I succeed? Working individually with a specialist will definitely work out. An individual approach helps you find your inner motivation and real needs. Set real, achievable goals and confidently go towards them.

The program with me provides:
  1. Analysis of the current situation, previous experience.
  2. Setting goals and developing a strategy for achieving them, based on your characteristics, daily routine and many other factors.
  3. Small simple tasks for big changes.
  4. Discussion at individual consultations of what has been achieved and moving forward.

The goal of consulting with me is to build a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and with ourselves, with results for life.

Would you like to try, but have doubts about what will happen?

Working with me is an individual approach, everything takes place at a pace that is comfortable for you. Changes that will evoke positive emotions and therefore stay with you for a long time.

You decided to work with me, what will happen next?

After paying for the consultation or the program, you will receive a confirmation letter and a proposal to set the time and date for the first consultation.

You define the goal of our communication, together we look at how comfortable it can be achieved for you, what specific steps need to be taken. We determine the time frame for achieving the goal.

At weekly (or depending on the program you have chosen) consultations, we discuss what we managed to achieve, what did not quite work out, and proceeding from this we move on to the goal.

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