Индивидуальные консультации с Health Coach в Украине
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Health Coach Consulting

Индивидуальные консультации с Health Coach в Украине
Индивидуальные консультации с Health Coach в Украине

Individual consultations with Health Coach

Why will Health Coach consultations help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your health?

First, it is support and help in any situation. For example, you have become too lazy to exercise and eat right. This usually ends with you returning to your old lifestyle. Advice from a health coach can help you regain motivation, exercise and nutrition. At the same time, it will be done in such a way that the solutions will definitely be liked.

Secondly, you will be offered options for such training and nutrition, which will definitely cause you only positive emotions.

Third, you will be able to form new good habits. This means that the result will be long lasting, until the end of life.

Fourth, you will find time to take care of yourself. Even if you have a very busy schedule, there is no time at all. At consultations, the Health Coach will help you schedule time to recover your resource. It is worth noting that she will do this in such a way that your main activities during the day will only benefit from it.

Fifth, your level of happiness is guaranteed to rise. You will be able to practice stress management, increase your self-confidence.

Sixth, you will be able to realize what you have long wanted, but feared. At the consultation, the Health Coach will help you determine what you really want from life, as it should be. Then you will have a concrete plan of action and, of course, support on your way to the top.

With a coach you can:
  • lose weight with a result for life;
  • correct eating behavior;
  • prepare delicious and healthy meals from your favorite foods;
  • train with pleasure;
  • deal with stress without eating;
  • learn to restore energy, resource.

In addition, you will learn about mindful and intuitive eating.

Why do you need consultations

If you answer “yes” to one of the questions below, then you definitely need Health Coach advice:

  1. Tried to train, but eventually gave up
  2. Exercise is not fun
  3. Are you tired of diets and dietary restrictions
  4. Want to stop overeating
  5. Feel "food" guilt
  6. Don't know how to cook simple, tasty and healthy meals
  7. There are health problems that require changing habits
  8. Don't know how to deal with stress at the moment and then
  9. There is no strength to realize their desires and solve everyday problems.
The Health Coach program includes:
  • Analysis of the current situation, previous experience.
  • Setting goals and developing a strategy for achieving them, based on your characteristics, daily routine and many other factors.
  • Small simple tasks for big changes.
  • Discussion in individual consultations of what has been achieved and moving forward.

The goal of the Health Coach consultation is to build a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and yourself with lifelong results.

Would you like to try, but have doubts about what will happen?

Working with Health Coach is an individual approach, everything takes place at your own pace. Changes that will evoke positive emotions and therefore stay with you for a long time.

Decided to work with Health Coach, what's next?

After paying for the consultation or the program, you will receive a confirmation letter and a proposal to set the time and date for the first consultation.

You define the goal of communication, together with the coach you determine how comfortable it can be achieved for you, what specific steps need to be taken. Determine the time frame for achieving the goal.

At the weekly (or depending on the program you have chosen) consultations there will be a discussion of what was achieved, what did not quite work out, and based on this you will move on to the goal.